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Revitalize your old laminate counter top
Custom one of a kind lamps

As You Wish Interiors has much experience in creating comfortable environments in residential and commercial venues.  We are happy to redesign one room or an entire house.

We believe your environment should be a reflection of you, your family and your lifestyle, not a “look” we have chosen for you. Michael holds a degree and can draft any plans needed to start your project.  As with most firms, we offer a complete range of services including custom window treatments, bedding, upholstery and more.  What really makes us unique is the fact Michael also studied Fashion Merchandising and Clothing Construction while attending college and learned many advanced sewing skills and techniques he is able to use to help our workrooms create your visions.  His ability to combine influences from the worlds of fashion and interiors guarantees your finished project will be anything except boring.  As You Wish has unlimited resources for most items needed to furnish your home.  Let us assist you in finding the right sofa, rug or lamp.  If you have inherited a family piece, it is possible we can use one of our many Faux Finish techniques to update your heirloom.  We have created numerous effects on walls, furniture, lamps, cabinets, accessories and more.  Each of these pieces becomes a one of a kind work or art and your next generations’ heirloom. 


As mentioned earlier, we can draw prints for new homes, remodeling projects or simple floorplans to help you redesign your space.  Our experience includes restructuring older homes and combining them with modern conveniences, creating new homes which include the latest in high tech gadgetry, and resurfacing cabinetry with trim and color to bring them into the twenty-first century.  We find we can work within almost any budget and strive to offer as many amenities and special features to enhance your space and ensure you will enjoy it for many years.  We gladly work with your contractors or recommend ours. 


Form follows function and safety is always our primary goal.  Nothing is truly pretty if it is unsafe or doesn’t work properly.  We are abreast on current trends and continuously enjoy working with classic designs and products.  We offer good products at a fair price with excellent customer service.  Thank you for your interest.  Please review the list below to learn more about our services.


Interior Design Consultations for Residential and Commercial Projects

Color Consultations for any Interior or Exterior Projects

Re-Style Furniture and Accessories

Custom Window Treatments, Bedding, Pillows

Custom Upholstery for Furniture, Headboards and more

Faux Finish techniques for cabinetry, tables, chairs, lamps, picture frames and walls

Special Event Planning

Holiday Décor Installations

Professional Staging for Offices, Homes and Realtors